Safe Schools Improvement Act
Stop Student Bullying

After relentless anti-gay bullying at school, despite the fact he did not identify as gay, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover took his own life on April 6, 2009, 11 days before his 12th birthday.
One year after Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover's suicide, make sure Congress doesn't forget this tragically lost life.

No child should have to experience the profound emotional pain and hopelessness that comes with bullying at school. The Safe Schools Improvement Act will require schools receiving federal funding to enact policies to prohibit bullying and harassment, and provide them with resources to prevent and respond to incidents when they occur.

Sign the petition below to send a photo of Carl to your member of Congress and urge them to support the Safe Schools Improvement Act.

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A Letter From Carl's Mother

Dear Members of the 111th Congress,

Meet my son, Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover.

On April 6, 2009, Carl chose to end his own life rather than endure more of the daily harassment and bullying he suffered at school. He was just 11 days shy of his 12th birthday.

I am writing you today because my son's story must not be forgotten. I want you and other Members of Congress to look at Carl's photograph and ask, "How could such a beautiful, precious life be lost so needlessly," and "What can Congress do to prevent more such tragedies from happening in the future?"

The answer to the second question is to pass the Safe Schools Improvement Act (H.R. 2262). I urge you to reflect on the importance of this bill, and to take a leadership stand in Congress as an advocate for safe schools for all students.

This issue of school safety is vital to all young students. The consequences of bullying are very real, and in cases like my son's, they are often life threatening. By supporting the Safe Schools Improvement Act, you will give a voice to students like Carl who face harassment and suffer needlessly at the hands of bullies. You will also support a brighter, safer and more productive school environment for our future generations.


Sirdeaner Walker